Fundamental Concepts and Structures of the Seascape Network

Welcome to the Seascape Network! If you’re new to Seascape, you need to know the vision of the protocol and also familiarize yourself with some of its activities. This article discusses the most important concepts on the Seascape Network.

Overview of Seascape

Seascape Network is a platform set up on the blockchain. It stands out as one of the platforms promoting the wide adoption of NFTs. Its interests are in NFT economies and DeFi.

Seascape aims to become the one-stop solution for gamers and DeFi investors all around the world. Using the power of incentivized gaming to attract active users and excellent devs, the platform thrives to cement its place as the ultimate game platform promoting earn while you play.

Additionally, some of the things you need to know about Seascape and also know Seascape for, include the following.


Another important category necessary for the understanding of the Seascape Network is its gaming ecosystem. Moreover, Seascape is all about the future of games.

Seascape’s visionary model for gaming is incentivized gaming experience. This will create a system of games that generates revenue for gamers both players and developers alike from in-game assets. In other words, gamers can earn from the time they invest in gaming. Hence, the play-to-earn model.

Walking towards their vision of completely incentivized gaming, Seascape’s progress has been consistent and their achievements evident. A Series of games have been released that have incentivized the Seascape community over time. A breakdown of the games on the Seascape Network are as follows:

Incorporated into Seascape games are basic concepts such as DeFi, NFT economies, etc. all these help achieve Seascape’s play-to-earn vision.


Tokenomics and Tokenization are similar terminologies such that one can be mistaken for the other. However similar, both refer and apply to things distinctly.

Tokenomics comprises the study of the understanding of the supply and demand characteristics of a cryptocurrency. This promotes transparency in the use of a cryptocurrency and helps monitor different aspects of the supply of a currency.

Tokenization and/or Asset tokenization is the process by which an issuer (a person, an organization, a project) creates digital tokens on a distributed ledger or blockchain, which represent either physical or digital assets.

In the Seascape community, one subject of interest is tokenization; as this comprises the supply and demand of the network’s native token which is a strong support structure in the network that enables users to benefit from their play-to-earn vision.

The digital asset or token created for use and reward of users and stakeholders on the Seascape protocol is Crowns.

About Crowns

Crowns is an ERC20 crypto-token. It is the official token of the Seascape Network. This token is used as the method of payment throughout the Seascape ecosystem and it is used to reward all stakeholders of the gaming ecosystem. The cryptocurrency ticker for Crowns is CWS.

How to purchase Crowns

One can easily obtain Crowns (CWS) using any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. There are various cryptocurrency exchanges and marketplaces available for you to trade Crowns (CWS). Listed below are some cryptocurrency marketplaces and exchanges that trade Crowns (CWS).

• UniSwap (v2)

• UniSwap (v3)



• Pancake swap

• Kucoin

• Bilaxy

• AscendEX (BitMax).

Always confirm the Crowns (CWS) address before purchase or exchange.

Seascape’s Marketplace

A marketplace is a setting or platform that creates an enabling environment for the purpose of making trade i.e buying and selling. A blockchain marketplace that is similar to traditional marketplaces uses a decentralized peer-to-peer network to connect directly consumers and sellers without any intermediary.

Seascape also runs a marketplace on Moonriver, a companion Network to Moonbeam. Visit Scapestore to check for available offers and to purchase Seascape’s exclusive NFTs.

ICE Viaduct

ICE Viaduct is Seascape’s solution to bridging the gap between its network and other chains. The purpose of the ICE Viaduct is to create a bridge that can link with other chains and achieve cross-chain functions.

Currently, it is being developed on Polkadot. Once in full operation, it will serve as Seascape’s connection to the outside world. It will be able to connect to a variety of Polkadot parachains, as well as other established protocols such as Ethereum, Algorand, and more.

By letting our games and the store platform work as a hub connected to the entire decentralized economy, we do not lock users in and allow them to migrate their assets however they wish. This is one of our long-term goals, and it will take time to really achieve a functional version. But we like to invite all users to grow and enjoy this exploring journey together!


Seascape proposes to offer one of the best services in the cryptosphere related to incentivized gaming. Having many achievements and still a work in progress, Seascape hasn’t always stood alone in this journey. They have collaborated with many outstanding protocols on the blockchain and have put in collective efforts to ensure their fans and community get the best experiences ever.

Some recent collaborations include Moonbeam, Pocket Arena, etc.

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