Trust token is a cryptocurrency of the trust global network having no blockchain but depends on Binance smart blockchain through smart contract and gateways. $TRUST are simple utility tokens, which would be used in the TrustX application for transactions to create, design, bid, buy, sell, auctions, etc.

Moreover, you might be curious about what the $TRUST-X application is. In less technical terms, TrustX is the first of its kind social app, built to address few fundamental challenges to the NfT landscape:

  • Mainstream Adoption.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) & Copy Rights.
  • User experience


Trust token is primarily designed to give added value to users of the trust mobile app and it doesn’t have any utility outside the trust ecosystem.

The fascinating point here is, as a BEP-20 asset, trust tokens can be transferred or exchanged within or other wallet that supports Binance smart chain. It can also be used as payment for services. Users of trust tokens can assess various benefits when using a trust wallet.

To further blow our minds, trust token was one of the tokens launched on the Binance smart chain — a good blockchain designed for decentralized Apps(DApps) and smart contracts. This facilitates transactions at extremely low fees. Moreover, there is a lot of uniqueness about trust tokens that one may begin to wonder if it is the next Bitcoin.


Trust tokens can be bought on exchange at the moment which is pancakeswap. On May 14th, Trust got listed on

You can buy $TRUST tokens peer to peer from your friends who hold the token, but I would recommend you do an OTC trade with the team itself.

P2P trading is simply the method of buying cryptocurrencies between users without any third party. P2P trading allows the seller to decide on the amount he/she may wish to sell. He can achieve this by using charts and other market features to determine the optimal time to sell.

However, it is vital to note that P2P trading accompanies some level of risk when there is no third party to monitor the deal. It is difficult to establish trust.

Now let us analyze this, you happen to meet someone on social media who is interested in selling ethereum. Social media, first of all, is not a P2P platform. What happens when the buyer gets the ethereum but doesn’t send payment? Or what if the buyer sends payment but doesn’t receive the coin?. Fraud is a very big risk when conducting P2P trading.

Conversely, there is light at the end of a tunnel. The good news is, BinanceP2P is adopted to safeguard transactions between buyers and sellers and reduce the risk of fraud.

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