How to make money on Seascape

In today’s world, the regular work time of 8 AM to 4 PM has become tiring for the average worker. There’s always so much to do that these eight hours doesn’t seem enough. Then too, is the issue of the pay. People's needs are insatiable. So with an increase in needs most persons work two (2) to three (3) jobs to keep the money coming.

Today I want to introduce you to something new, you can make this part of your day-to-day activity. With this, you can make some extra money by doing some of the things you love such as games.

According to statistics from, the population of people who play video games yearly since 2015 stands over 2 billion. It is estimated that the figure will rise to 3 billion in the next 2–3 years. Sadly, most of these traditional games don’t offer much. Just a momentary feeling of excitement that fades in a dash.

Here’s a shocker and I have a question for you. What if?

What if, you can make money by playing games or from other easy-going things? Here’s how you can make some money on the blockchain doing simple things. Even something as common as games can fetch you some cool bucks. Are you ready? Read on let me tell you how.

About Seascape

For all newbies, today, I want to introduce you to the Seascape Network.

Seascape is a game-oriented network on the blockchain. It uses core concepts and technologies on the blockchain to promote blockchain games. These technologies include but are not limited to, DeFi, crypto-tokenization, NFTs, etc.

Their vision is to make gamers (players and developers) benefit from the time and effort invested into games. Thus their model for games, and their drive for future gaming, centers around incentivization.

Seascape is all about fun and money. Why sit around, when there’s money to make? Welcome to the Seascape community.

How to make money on Seascape

The activities of the Seascape Network revolve around incentivized gaming for gamers (players and developers). However, there are other things that you can participate in to make more money on the Seascape Network.

They are:

  • Seascape Games
  • Contests/Giveaways
  • Farm and Pool
  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

How to earn on Seascape

Play Games

You can earn by playing any of the following games on the Seascape Network. You can

Profit Circus

Profit Circus is the first DeFi game of the Seascape Network. In Profit Circus, users stake their LP tokens to earn freshly minted Crowns, proportionate to the amount staked over the period.

NFT Brawl

NFT Brawl is the second game of the Seascape Network. It is a game where users play to get fresh and newly minted scapes.

What are Scapes — Scapes are the original NFTs of the Seascape Network. They are characters unique in their quality and generation.

Staking Saloon

Staking Saloon is a game in which users can stake Scapes (Seascape’s original NFTs) in exchange for Crowns.

Scape Forum

Scape Forum is the 4th Modular DeFi game of the Seascape. In Scape Forum, you get an opportunity to own the newest NFTs on the Seascape Network.

Games on Moonriver

Also, watch out for Seascape games on Moonriver. So far, two seasons of Profit Circus have been released, one season of NFT Brawl and one season of Staking Saloon.


Seascape organizes series of contests periodically to benefit its community. You must be a member of the Seascape community to get this information on time. Some contests had in the past are:

Gleam Contests — A gleam contest is a marketing platform that helps one run campaigns where others can engage in.

Recently, we’ve had Seascape and Pocket Arena contests and also Seascape and Moonriver giveaways. These contests give out prizes as it relates to the network. Prizes can be $USD, $CWS, or Seascape’s exclusive NFTs.

Farm and Pool


Farming is a practice in the gaming world where gamers acquire an in-game currency with the intent of selling it for “real-world” money.

It enables cryptocurrency holders to earn rewards on their holdings. With yield farming, you can deposit units of a cryptocurrency into a lending protocol to earn interest from trading fees.


A liquidity pool gives you the opportunity of creating liquidity for any desired coin or token using ETH. By adding liquidity you’ll earn a percentage of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. This can be done by depositing equal amounts of two cryptocurrencies into an existing pool on the exchange platform or by creating your pool. Fees added to the pool, accrue in real-time and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity.


Ask Me Anything (AMA) is another way to earn on the Seascape Network. The best time to watch out for AMAs is with new partnerships. As AMA sessions help introduce the community to the proposal of the new partnership and the benefits it has for the community, most AMA sessions are loaded with giveaways of various prices.

Be sure to check twice when next you hear an AMA is coming up.


Being a member of Seascape community has its benefits and rewards. You can get rewarded in $CWS, the official and acceptable means of exchange on the Seascape network, or alternatively in $USD. You can also be gifted any character from Seascape's list of scapes.

Don’t miss out on any info. Follow the link to join Seascape’s community.

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