Hurray! The Second Journey of the Roman Scape Forum has Begun

Hurray! It’s another day on the Seascape Network and Seascape doesn’t disappoint. The promise and assurance of bringing more ways to earn have been fulfilled over and over again. Each time, we get more amazed.

So today, I bring to you great news from an ancient mighty city. Remember, the Roman-themed game of the Seascape Network? Great news, as it is back again in another season. Are you ready for a thrilling experience? Hurray! We’re all going to Rome.

About Scape Forum

Scape Forum is the 4th Modular DeFi game of the Seascape. In Scape Forum, you get an opportunity to own the newest NFTs on the Seascape Network.

In Scape Forum’s premiering season, a new NFT, Placidus was added to Seascape’s exclusive collection. Yet again, this season introduces a new Scape. Get ready to mint. The process is simple. It involves fusing old Scapes to mint new ones.

Details of the Season

The new season of Scape Forum is the second season of the Roman-themed game. And just like it’s been in other games on the network, this second season features a higher generation scape. With the previous season being a Gen 0, all returning scape characters in this season are Gen 1.

The season which was released on September 24th will be available for two months and will end on November 24th. The season is available for both users of ETH and BSC.

What’s New

As I welcome you to the latest season of Scape Forum, it is my delight to introduce Romulus, the newest scape on the network.

Asides from the incorporation of the Scape Romulus, the second season of Scape Forum has some new features.

Some things to watch out for in the new season include:

  • Staking up to 1000 CWS, with new bonuses!
  • Staking 1000 CWS means will guarantee Generation 0 Romulus when you burn one of the given Combinations
  • A new filter option added to the Scape screen
  • Cooldown is now 1 hour
  • The progress bar will now notify players when they are going to mint Romulus, the Combo Character

This season is about to conquer foreign lands and leave its mark on history!

How to play

If you were part of the first season, then you’ll know the workings of this season. The process is the same. Here’s a simple breakdown of the process.

  • Combine Scapes to mint generation 1, higher quality Scapes!
  • Burn specific combinations and get your hands on the new scape from the Roman Scape series Romulus!
  • Stake CWS to guarantee higher quality Scapes.

The characters in this series are the characters featured in earlier games and seasons on the Seascape Network. All characters will be returning including the first Roman Scape — Placidus. Do y’all remember him?

In addition to the collection of Seascape’s NFT is Romulus, featuring for the first time in a game. One reason why you need to get in on the action is that Seascape is dishing out the Low Generation of the Scape Romulus. Hence, all available qualities of Romulus will be Gen 0.

If you’re new to all these, hereinbelow is a breakdown to help you know more about scapes.

Seascape’s NFT

Seascape NFTs are special characters exclusive to the Seascape Network. Just like traditional NFTs, these characters are digital assets that hold great value. They come in handy within the Seascape ecosystem in its games and also serve as valuable in-game tokens to incentivize its holder.

There are various Scapes on the Network. Most were introduced at the inception of Seascape’s original three (3) DeFi games. Others were introduced in later seasons and there are some that haven’t been featured yet, one of which is the zombie killer — Wichita.

Description of Scapes

Character — Scapes on the Seascape Network are distinguished from themselves by the name and uniqueness of each character. This means that there is a nomenclature for every scape character. On the network, we have Phineas, Tatters, Trixie, Mercy, Placidus, Wichita to mention a few, as characters.

Character Variant (Quality) — Each scape character has several variants that tantamount to its value within the Seascape network. On the network, we have Common, Special, Epic, Rare, and Legendary as variants for scape characters.

Each of these character variants differs in power. The highest in power is Legendary and the lowest is Common. The character variant which is also known as quality can be identified by the frame. Below is a picture of Trixie in two (2) character variants.

Trixie — Common

Trixie — Legendary

Generation — The value of each Scape character can also be determined by its generation. In Seascape, generations start from zero and move up as the platform advances. As more games are created, or as each game has a later season, the in-game rewards will vary by season.

This simply means later games and seasons will give higher generation levels (Gen 1, Gen 2, etc). Therefore, the lower the generation, the higher the value the Scape will have. So the earlier you are in on the action, the more valuable your Scape is.

How to get Scapes

Seascape has reached out for the highest of heights and has touched the moon. With the launch of its store on Moonriver, fans and members of Seascape can now get Seascape NFT from Seascape’s store.

Visit scapestore now.

Other platforms with which to trade scapes are OpenSea and Treasureland.

Gamers on the Seascape network can also acquire scapes by playing NFT Brawl on the Seascape network.

Watch out for new seasons of the game by joining Seascape’s community.

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