Recap of Moonscape Game Project AMA event held on AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 27th October 2021
Time: 12:00 UTC, 13:00 WAT

The MoonScapeGame team was represented by Kerel and Erlan Reverol who gave thorough insight and information about the Moonscape game project.

1st Segment: Introduction/Interview

Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Moonscape?

ANS: I am Erlan Reverol, game designer of Moonscape. I have been working in the gaming industry for around 7 years, and consider myself a gaming enthusiast with a massive collection of video games.

Hello guys, I am Kerel, I have been working in the traditional gaming industry and crypto for the last 4 to 5 years. Now I have been mixing the best of both worlds with gaming and crypto.

Q2: If I may ask, how big is the Moonscape team?

ANS: Well moonscape is working with many others such as the lighthouse, seascape, etc. so it depends on how you want to count it.

The moonscape development team is composed of the Seascape team for the blockchain-related aspect, and Bitpunch games for the client and visual aspect of the game.

Q3: Can you introduce MOONSCAPE, what critical problems does it solve that existing platforms are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

ANS: Moonscape is a twist on resource management strategy games. Players explore a futuristic moon, enhancing their towns, and receiving rewards for their time and effort spent in-game.

The game will allow users to collect resources and use DeFi mechanics, plunder rival cities, and work together with allies in the pursuit of Moon-domination and unending profits. Moonscape will allow NFTs to be obtained and used directly in the game.

Many players of strategy games spend hours or days improving and upgrading their bases and vehicles. In Moonscape, you can take that hard work and turn it into an NFT that will contain all the data of your city or vehicle, and trade it or sell it. Basically, your hard work playing will be rewarded.

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Some of the top milestones to date are:
1. Moonscape game is already in internal beta, with the client being almost ready.
2. Moonscape is working closely with Seascape Network for all the DeFi gameplay functions. Seascape offered a lot of help in the smart contract aspect and we’ve already built most of our DeFi gameplay contract and we’ll be sending soon auditing.
3. The team already received a grant from Seascape and much support from some private investors. We are looking forward to the success of public sale in Lighthouse.

Here’s the Roadmap:

  • Nov: Lighthouse IDO
  • Dec: MSCP launch
  • Late Dec: Moonscape limited NFT sale
  • Jan: Private Alpha Release
  • Feb: Public Beta Release

As you’ve seen that’s quite a bit but we’re very excited to be bringing a lot more in the coming months.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your Partnerships so far? What’s the Relationship Between Seascape and Moonscape?

ANS: Seascape has been very fortunate to have a number of huge and beneficial partnerships in the past, and Moonscape is the result of yet another great one.

Moonscape is made in conjunction with the Moonbeam network, and as such is a Moonbeam exclusive release. It is, in fact, the first DeFi game that will be released on the chain.

As the first Lighthouse project, it is made by a mixture of in-house Seascape team members along with partners from studios internationally we’ve worked within the past.

We aim to launch Seascape and Moonscape into DeFi superstardom through this collaboration with Moonbeam, which is one of the biggest movers and shakers in the modern crypto world.

So Moonscape is made in partnership with both Seascape to help with development and the launch and of course Moonbeam.

Q6: Finally, let’s talk about the governance token. Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of the $MSCP token?

ANS: MSCP will be the official token of Moonscape, and Seascape’s very first Player-Created-Coin (PCC). Players can use it in the game to obtain the premium resource called MoonDust, which can be used to increase resource harvests, improve DeFi features, and purchase rare rovers.

It’s an incentivized yield token, with no team or advisor allocations. Neither does it have any large private investor allocations. If you are interested, you can visit our website for a full overview of the token distribution.

2nd Segment: Live Questions

Q1: I would like to know if the MoonScape game is designed in such a way that traditional gamers will be able to partake in the action without any commitment to blockchain technology?

For those that are not interested in the DeFi element of Moonscape, is it mandatory for them to have a cryptocurrency wallet before they could start playing and enjoying the game?

Ans: It is not mandatory. Moonscape can be fully enjoyed as a traditional game. But players that do not want to use wallet or DeFi won’t be able to use the DeFi features or get the premium currency Moondust.

Q2: Can you tell me what you are building for in Moonscape? Meanwhile, can I use alley buildings, and am I allowed to conquer enemy cities?

Kindly highlight the economic incentives associated with the Moonscape platform?

ANS: Buildings on Moonscape has two functions, one gameplay that affects the game mechanics, and one DeFi. The DeFi option can be used to obtain DeFi related rewards such as tokens or NFTs. Players can destroy enemy buildings and cities for extra resources, but the defender won’t lose the city.

Q3: I don’t have MOVR/CWS/Scapes. Can I still play Moonscape?

Would you further the blockchain gaming space by providing a thorough supports ecosystem for traditional game developers or do you consider these people obsolete and unwanted and have no role to play in the future of blockchain gaming?

ANS: That’s two questions, the first one was already answered. I’ll take the second one for the lighthouse instead of moonscape:

Seascape and the lighthouse are intended to provide the best support service for traditional game developers to come onto the blockchain. So while these games are indeed missing something, they are very much wanted, Seascape would love nothing more than to have the best of traditional games come onto the blockchain and add NFts and tokens, for you to be able to play to earn on those.

Q4: What are ROVERS used for in MOONSCAPE and are there different types of Rovers?

What is the difference between MSCP and Moondust?

ANS: You use rovers for many things. Exploring, harvesting, or attacking. There are many types of rovers and all have different advantages. MSCP is the Token on Moonscape and Moondust in the in-game premium currency.

Q5: Most gaming project requires their users to buy their NFTs first and invest in their tokens before they can actually play the game. Will this also be the case for Moonscape?

Can users still play the game even though they do not own any land, NFT, or in-game items?

ANS: Players can start playing Moonscape without the need of buying NFT or tokens in advance. NFTs can be minted in the game, cities, and rovers; after obtaining them with traditional game mechanics, missions and objectives.

Q6: Being the first project to launch through the Lighthouse, I’m sure you are aware that many upcoming projects will be looking up to you, hope they would not be disappointed?

Most launchpads just launch and forget, will Lighthouse continue to offer you all the care and support you need to help you become a successful gaming project or what advantages and benefits will you derive by launching through Lighthouse?

ANS: The major benefit of going through the Lighthouse is to know you will be launched on a platform that cares about the projects, there is no launch and forget here. Lighthouse sieves through all the projects to only launch the best, they help with the development, raise, launch, and afterward will keep helping the teams in terms of marketing, networking, getting updates out, etc. So the major benefit is to be launched on what promises to be one of the best IDO launchpads and later be part of a vibrant growing ecosystem of gaming with blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs.

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