Seascape Network: A Project With Vision.

The seascape network is one of the youngest upstart DeFi project. Despite being one of the youngest, it has gotten much admiration from top players in the world of cryptocurrency. This did not just happen by chance overnight, this happened as a result of the network’s effort and persistence in envisaging and birthing irresistible innovations in the cryptosphere.
No wonder hodlers are going gaga over Crowns.
You might be promoted to ask, how does Seascape see its future?

The Vision of seascape can be summed up simply: An incentivized ecosystem consisting of gamers, developers, and influencers.
The mission of seascape is to redirect the goals of gamification inwards. This will help those who love game making, playing or promoting them incentivized financially for their effort.

How does Seascape Achieve this?
Seascape is using the very popular DeFi mechanism in the cryptosphere such as LP staking and Mining, into simple but high quality games. Using this method lowers the barrier to entry and it streamlines the process.

Furthermore, Seascape incorporates the rapidly growing world of NFTs into its ecosystem, turning them from simple collectibles into true financial assets.

It should be noted that Seascape is partnering with moonbeam to expand its reach to new polkadot users even while currently available in Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Seascape also intends to release a host of other games both developed in house as well as with other partnerships with studios across the globe. In this way, seascape aims to become the Steam of the blockchain world.

By focusing on the task of making game and their economies more accessible to everyone, Seascape is bringing the true value of DeFi to new and hungry population. They are also focused on revolutionizing the world of gaming.

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