Seascape network Partners With Value DeFi And Autofarm.

Another good news is here. We haven’t even gone into the new month of April but the seascape network has performed and recorded another giant stride in the cryptosphere. Earlier today, the seascape network announced its partnership with Value DeFi, this will however make the seascape network have a solid connection with the right pack to make sure we all are on the right tract. This time around, users can stake vBSWAP tokens in exchange for pCWS!

The Seascape Network and ValueDeFi are teaming up to bring the community a brand new event which will fatten up our crupto wallet and make us smile like there’s no tomorrow. They are providing a pCWS-BNB 70/30 vFarm with x0.3 vBSWAP rewards for the first two weeks. Interested users will have the opportunity to extend by vote.

As the partnership is announced, there are things you need to know about the vStake pool as announced by seascape.

Stake vBSWAP tokens, to earn pCWS tokens!

Total Tokens: 3000 pCWS

Distribution duration: 14 days

Start block: (April 9th 2PM UTC)

Finish block: (April 23rd 3PM UTC)

Token rewards per block: 0.007936507936508 pCWS

Make sure to get on top of this event before it rushes by! With rewards this great, you can’t afford to miss out. Join now!

Get in on the pool action now!

In another announcement today, the seascape network announced its partnership with Autofarmnetwork. Seascape network announced that two new Autofarm vaults are open for $CWS. Seascape called on everyone to stake and earn more than ever before with two vaults opening from @bakery_swap and @PancakeSwap.

So what are you waiting for? Join the seascape network now and thank me that you did.

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